Bing Visual Search Could Be a Great Tool, Maybe, Someday [Search]

September 15, 2009

By John Herrman, 5:39 PM on Mon Sep 14 2009, 3,129 views (Edit, to draft, Slurp)

Oh, what a romantic vision Microsoft has here, with Visual Search: Imagine a search engine that served up results in images instead of text, and had easily-recognizable pictures, organized by topics and other parameters, which you could narrow down until you found what you were looking for. That dude, with the hair, in that movie? Done. The camera, with the stumpy lens and retro body? Found. That girl, in that band, with that smile, and that voice? Binged.

Except Visual search can’t really do any of these things yet, because it’s just a small collection of indexed photo albums, at least for now. Oh well! Give it a try anyway, right here. (Warning: You must be Silverlit). [Microsoft]

From the Team at WebWitches

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