Squidoo Now In Business To Help With Brand Management?

September 26, 2009

Squidoo Now In Business To Help With Brand Management?

by Anissa Wardell on Sep 24

Fast Company has an article out about Seth Godin’s recent post entitled “Launching Brands In Public”. We recently posted about Squidoo thanks to Erin, but this new piece of the puzzle, makes it an even more interesting subject, especially if you are the Brand.

You can’t control what people are saying about you. What you can do is organize that speech. You can organize it by highlighting the good stuff and rationally responding to the not-so-good stuff. You can organize it by embracing the people who love your brand and challenging them to speak up and share the good word. And you can respond to it in a thoughtful way, leaving a trail that stands up over time.

But how?

Over the last few months, we’ve seen big brands (like Amazon and Maytag) get caught in a twitterstorm. An idea (one that’s negative to the brand) starts and spreads, and absent a response, it just spirals. Of course, Amazon can’t respond on their home page (they’re busy running a store) and they don’t have an active corporate blog that I could find, so where? How?

Enter Brands In Public. (To see the whole post visit Seth Godin’s Blog at the link above.)

Chris Dannen who wrote the article for Fast Company had these parting thoughts:

But by moving the “conversation” to a static website, the energy a company might put into a personal response instead goes into a PR campaign. That brings us full circle, to backward-looking company-customer relationships. The ultimate loser? The customer.

From the Team at WebWitches

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