Drive Hoards of Traffic to you Website With TWITTER

October 22, 2009

(I-Newswire) October 20, 2009 – “Twitter” is everywhere and it appears that almost everyone is at it. Pop-stars, Movie Stars and even Politicians are taking advantage of this free media. Why? Simply because, it gets a message across to vast numbers of people, instantly. A real gift to advertisers you would think. So why aren’t more businesses taking advantage of this phenomena? A new e-book “Twitter, Dynamic Traffic Strategies” produced by John Johnson of Stepping Stones Publications, completely de-mystifies the “technical” stuff allowing anyone to tap into the treasures of Twitter, enticing flocks of new visitors to your website.

Traditionally businesses invest vast amounts of time and precious resources in cultivating a good reputation within their market, building an atmosphere of dependability and trust. An excellent marketing strategy, but it can take a long time to establish. The tremendous power of Twitter provides a dramatic shortcut in this process purely by its informality; allowing customers to quickly build a rapport with your brand. When your customers are happy they like to tell their friends about it and they use Twitter to pass on the message. At the same time they, your customers, are inadvertently cultivating “back Links” or “followings” to your site. Your customers are now “spreading the word” for you and the process starts to snowball.

Twitter can drive traffic to your website and increase sales whether you are a major online retailer or a start up business selling simple products on your website.
In minutes you can create and submit news releases to promote new products, announce a sale, respond to complaints, attract recruits, encourage feedback and exchange ideas with your customers. In short it has become the place to burnish your businesses reputation.

Part of John’s philosophy is to “keep it simple”. He understands that, the jargon and technical lingo are not readily understood by everyone, as many publications assume. So he has produced this guide, Twitter Dynamic Traffic Strategies” with the novice in mind, enabling anyone to take advantage of Twitter as a marketing media. Additionally, for those who have yet to venture into the world of Twitter. John has included a FREE guide “Twitter for Fledglings” with this package.
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From the Team at WebWitches

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