Loop PR: When the Going Gets Tough, Women Get Online – Reuters

October 22, 2009

LONDON--(Business Wire)    Women are twice as likely to share their feelings online at times of stress,  than burden their partner, according to new findings. The poll, carried out by  the new women`s online community, www.powderroomgraffiti.com, suggests that  women are increasingly turning to the blogosphere to relieve stress.     58 per cent of respondents said that at difficult times, such as Christmas, they  wrote more online, either by blogging, commenting or taking part in social  networks. This compared with only 23 per cent who said they turned to their  partners when things got on top of them.     18 per cent said they had even found themselves substituting writing for the  more traditional stress relievers such as alcohol and comfort-eating.     "Our research would certainly indicate that the blogosphere has a real  psychological benefit for some women and appears more effective than the more  obvious stress relievers of alcohol or face-to-face exchanges with a close  confidant." said Diane Hayman, editor of Powder Room Graffiti.     She added: "Being encouraged to speak honestly is clearly very liberating for  women. Since we launched Powder Room Graffiti, whose main aim is to give women a  chance to tell it how it is, we`ve seen people share and debate the full gamut  of subjects, many of which would be off-limits in a coffee morning setting or on  the pages of a glossy magazine."     Mel, who blogs as `PigInTheKitchen` and is a regular contributor to PRG, said:  "I get such a sense of release from writing my thoughts down and, the more  stressed I get, the more I turn to my laptop. It's helpful that there are other  women out there who also share their trials and tribulations and this drives a  very strong sense of community. Blogging and writing is very therapeutic - it is  my voice, in my space and it gives me back a sense of self where I am not just  'a mum' and 'a wife'."     The website is at www.powderroomgraffiti.com.     About www.powderroomgraffiti.com    PRGraffiti, which launched over the summer, is currently experiencing a rise up  the Alexa ranking (from 847,795 to 301,475 since July 2009). Rejecting the  glossy tradition of celebrity gossip and beauty tips, the site is already  gaining a reputation for enabling more mature women to express, share and debate  their views with honesty. Paying its selected contributors and guaranteeing  quality writing, the site represents a new breed of online editorial which  carves out a unique path between magazine journalism and unstructured  user-generated content.     About John O. Morisano     John O. Morisano has spent the last 20 years helping to build and run  entertainment and media companies. From his first job forward, John has always  found himself at the heart of a company's operations. A CPA and graduate of Pace  University in New York City, Morisano started his career at the Vista  Organization, Ltd., a publicly-traded indie film company, and aided in its sale  in 1989. He then joined the accounting firm of PricewaterhouseCoopers in its  entertainment and media practice. In 1993, he moved to Paris to take over the  European operations of Activision, the World`s leading video game publisher. He  subsequently moved back to the States and co-founded that company's business  development group. John left Activision in 1995 and returned to NYC from LA  where he served as interim CEO of UK based Dewynters NA. In 1996, he joined  forces with Tim Nye at the SunshineCompanies where they focused on angel  investing in start ups and offering management expertise to take companies  through the early stages of their growth.. While at Sunshine and through its  investments which include the Sunshine Theater, Pickerel Pie Entertainment,  Sunshine Direct and SaysMe.TV, John has overseen the production of dozens of  hours of television, numerous feature films, hundreds of hours of Internet  content and a wide variety of other types of branded intellectual property.  PowderRoomGraffiti represents the meeting point of many of the skills he has  developed in content, technology and management.     About Diane Hayman     Diane studied Psychology at Durham University, where she also rowed for the  Great Britain U23 squad, and worked as Women's Sports editor of the student  newspaper. After University, she went to work for Andersen's Consulting (now  Accenture) as a management consultant for 2 years, 6 months of which were spent  in Chicago. For the next 9 years, Diane worked in the City for BZW, Barclays  Capital, and WestLB, mostly as an interest rate trader, but also in Treasury  Sales, and in Marketing. During this period she travelled extensively, including  a year in Paris (which is where she first met John Morisano) and a year in New  York. Having given up work to have 3 children in quick succession (now aged 11,  10 and 8), Diane wrote a blog -'Drunk Mummy'- which gave her her first insight  into the quality and humour of online writing, and she made numerous contacts in  the online writing industry. The whole experience inspired Diane to launch  PowderRoomGraffiti.       Copyright Business Wire 2009    
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