17 victories for social media in 2009 – OCRegister

December 21, 2009


It was quite a year for the revolution that is Twitter, Facebook & Co., so sOCial sunday asked some of our pals what they thought was their social media highlight of 2009 …

  1. “Watching Google and Bing scramble over how to get and implement social media tweets and updates into search. They’ve really jumped to try and figure things out.” – Danny Sullivan, SearchEngineLand.com
  2. “Use of social media in recent popular protests in Iran. It showed the power and resilience of social media to organize and to resist central control. It is both powerful and dangerous — depending on which side you end up on.” – Don Patterson, quub.com
  3. “Twitter as a news ticker. Some of the biggest news stories — accurate and inaccurate — broke on Twitter. That mainstreamed it and made other services like Facebook emulate it.” – Marisa O’Neil, OC Parks
  4. “The rise of Twitter from plaything of the uber-nerd to the biggest story in American media. It shows the influence the technology/web world has on the culture now.” – Jim McCarthy, Goldstar
  5. “The amazing engagement that we have seen with each of our social campaigns. There hasn’t been one flop to-date and every campaign has generated a lot of buzz, some industry attention and tons of engagement.” – Tracy Marks, Souplantation
  6. “San Diego ReBar (social media training) camp. We strictly marketed it using Twitter, Facebook and a blog. It sold out in 60 days. Let me know that Sociall Media had hit the mainstream.” – Jim Marks, Virtual Results
  7. “New rules on disclosure from the FTC. This will help trustworthy and ethical social-marketers and will help to eliminate the unethical who are out to trick and scam people.” – Mirna Bard, NuReach Global
  8. “Little Facebook app called FBML which lets you add and create customizable pages to your Facebook Fan page.” – Jen Dwyer, thecutekid.com
  9. “How Twitter and Facebook, while still far from perfect, became useful business tools for the social media-savvy.” – Sree Sreenivasan, Columbia U.
  10. “Hosting enthusiastically received Gov 2.0 series with participation of 200 people in Orange County and reach of more than 400,000 impressions nationally — and even worldwide.” – Ted Nguyen, Orange County Transportation Authority
  11. “Hands down, the death of Michael Jackson. While traditional media outlets were scrambling to confirm the news, it had already spread like wild fire through the Twittersphere.” – Rochelle Veturis, LPA architects
  12. “For Twitter to become the media darling of the year. It swept mainstream media, Hollywood.” – Charles Harris, Coast2Coast Experts
  13. “Finding ways to use Twitter effectively. Mall of America giving parking updates; stores giving limited time discounts via Twitter, “contests” via Twitter.” – Chip Ahlswede, RegalStrategies.com
  14. “Dave Carroll’s United Breaks Guitars demonstrated how (1) power has shifted from those who can afford to pay for media distribution to those whom can create it and (2) that corporations lost control of their brands.” – Ron Ploof, ronamok.com
  15. “140 conference in LA, OC Twestival. Both allowed me to meet a tremendous amount of new, great connections.” – Justin Moore-Brown, Mobo Media
  16. “Twitter revolutionized my world. I connected with many new friends on Twitter around the world. My friends are from every conceivable walk of life, from CEO’s to nurses, college professors to artists.” – Carol Lee, Surterre Properties
  17. “Google’s product releases as a whole. Voice; the Droid phone — Android OS, Verizon’s network, Motorola hardware; Chrome browser; Chrome OS; Wave; etc. And lots of little improvements to existing products.” – Mark Davidson, Shift+One

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